• Chris Peters, '06
    Chris Peters ’06

    Chris Peters, ’06 journalism and mass communication graduate It’s Chris Peters’ job to know goons. And grinders. And floppers. And iron crosses. Peters, an ’06… Read More

  • Lisa Jesser, '06
    Lisa Jesser ’06

    Lisa Jesser, ’06 advertising graduate You can thank Lisa Jesser for treating you right. Or at least making sure you saw that message every time… Read More

  • Chris Peters '06
    Chris Peters ’06

    Class: 2006; Journalism and Mass Communication Then: Cyclone hockey team (media responsibilities, filming games, production of weekly coach’s show on ISUtv, internet radio broadcasts); ISUtv… Read More

  • Cavan Reagan Reichmann '03
    Cavan Reagan Reichmann ’03

    Cavan Reagan Reichmann ’03 Class: 2003; Journalism and Mass Communication Then: *Sketch* (editor); *Iowa State Daily* (editor-in-chief); academic resource coordinator in Maple Hall; Honors Program;… Read More

  • Tiffany Daniels ‘06
    Tiffany Daniels ‘06

    Tiffany Daniels ‘06 Tiffany Daniels knows what it’s like to get knocked down and fight to get back on her feet. That experience enables her… Read More

  • Catherine Becker ‘06
    Catherine Becker ‘06

    Catherine Becker ‘06 When Catherine Becker began as an advertising student at Iowa State, she knew she wanted to work in media, but she did… Read More

  • Kate Guess '04
    Kate Guess ’04

    gClass: 2004, Journalism and Mass Communications Then: PRSSA, Delta Zeta sorority Now: Director of Communication, [Vermeer Corporation](http://www2.vermeer.com/vermeer/NA/en/N/) In her own words: I am the Director… Read More

  • Zach Johnson '09
    Zach Johnson ’09

    **Class:** 2009, Journalism & Mass Communication **Then:** *Ethos magazine* (co-editor and writer); *Trend* (editor-in-chief); Delta Upsilon; Dance Marathon; TelSTAR; Meredith Apprentice; VEISHEA; *Iowa State Daily*… Read More

  • Carrie Boyd '09
    Carrie Boyd ’09

    Carrie Boyd ’09 Class: 2009, Journalism and Mass Communications; Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management Then: *Ethos magazine* (editor-in-chief and writer); *Iowa State Daily* (reporter); VEISHEA… Read More

  • Chris Conetzkey '09
    Chris Conetzkey ’09

    Chris Conetzkey ’09 Class: 2009, Journalism & Mass Communication Then: *Iowa State Daily* (sports reporter, sports editor, editor-in-chief) Now: Editor, [Des Moines Business Record](http://www.businessrecord.com/) In… Read More