Hugh S. Sidey Scholarship Award

The Hugh S. Sidey Scholarship in Print Journalism at the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication was established in 2006 at Mr. Sidey’s alma mater, Iowa State University, by the White House Historical Association and Mr. David M. Rubenstein. To keep alive Hugh Sidey’s legacy of reporting on the presidency, the scholarship supports aspiring print journalists at the Greenlee School. Undergraduate students who exhibit extraordinary understanding of the responsibilities of covering the chief executive and the core principle of social responsibility that resides with the print journalist will be identified for this award.

2021: Cooper Pierce
2020: Teagan Gara
2019: Olivia Benjamin
2018: Alex Connor
2017: Mary Khan
2016: Alexander Hanson
2015: Varad Diwate
2014: Lissandra Villa
2013: Elaine Godfrey
2012: Matt Wettengel
2011: Kaleb Warnock
2010: Jessica Opoien
2009: Gavin Aronsen
2008: Jennifer Hanson
2007: Fred Love