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Tiffany Daniels ‘06

Author: perkinsk

Tiffany Daniels ‘06
Tiffany Daniels ‘06

Tiffany Daniels knows what it’s like to get knocked down and fight to get back on her feet. That experience enables her to connect with the clients of Workforce Solutions Capital Area Workforce Board—the unemployment office for Travis County, Texas—where Daniels was hired in 2012.

Daniels double majored in political science and journalism with a public relations emphasis at Iowa State. She was a member of PRSSA and kept in touch with a connection she met at the national conference.

This led to Daniels landing a job shortly after graduation in 2006 with GCI Group in Austin, Texas—more than 800 miles away from her hometown of Nashville, Tenn. Three years later, she was laid off.

Daniels actively searched for another job as she worked as a sales associate at a clothing store. She accepted a position 2 ½ months later at the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce. Although it wasn’t a public relations position, Daniels says she feels very fortunate she didn’t to have to search any longer during such a hard economic time.

Daniels worked there for three years, and in 2012 applied to be the communications coordinator for Workforce Solutions Capital Area Workforce Board. She was hoping to get back into PR and was passionate about the company’s mission “to lead the region’s workforce system in the development of a world-class workforce,” according to the Board’s website.

She was hired and received a promotion a year later, adding the role of manager of business, government and community relations to her title. Daniels is solely responsible for PR, marketing and website management for the organization. She also matches businesses with candidates to fill their employment needs.

Daniels says being laid off changed the way she perceived working. The brief time she spent unemployed gave her more insight into what the city of Austin has to offer.

“My very, very scary time period struck a chord,” Daniels says. “I think that probably helps me do the job I’m doing now—at least makes it more fulfilling—that I know how scary it can be, and I know how wonderful it can be to get back on your feet.”