Greenlee Glimpse 2015

  • Rashah McChesney, ‘10
    Rashah McChesney ’10

    Rashah McChesney, ‘10 journalism and mass communication graduate. When she is not hunting moose or catching fish, Rashah McChesney is shooting photographs and reeling in… Read More

  • Amber Mulle, ‘12
    Amber Mulle ’12

    Amber Mulle, ‘12 journalism and mass communication graduate. Leave it to late professor Barbara Mack to encourage yet another student to pursue a Greenlee major. Read More

  • Karol DeWulf Nickell, ‘79
    Karol DeWulf Nickell ’79

    Karol DeWulf Nickell, ‘79 home economics journalism graduate. “I’m very proud that I’m an Iowa Stater,”said Greenlee alumna Karol DeWulf Nickell. A Cyclone twice over,… Read More

  • Joe Crimmings, ‘06
    Joe Crimmings ’06

    Joe Crimmings, ‘06 journalism and mass communication graduate. When Joe Crimmings started at Iowa State, he didn’t have aspirations to be a photographer. In fact,… Read More

  • Dan McClanahan, ‘08
    Dan McClanahan ’08

    Dan McClanahan, ‘08 journalism and mass communication graduate. It wasn’t until a couple years into the journalism program at Iowa State’s Greenlee School of Journalism… Read More

  • Elaine Edwards, ‘79
    Elaine Edwards ’79

    Elaine Edwards, ‘79 agricultural journalism graduate. Growing up on a family farm near Humboldt, Iowa, Elaine Edwards always had an affinity for agriculture. When she… Read More

  • Kate Gibson, ‘13
    Kate Gibson ’13

    Kate Gibson, ‘13 journalism and mass communication graduate. On a normal day, Kate Gibson can be found hard at work amid a sea of white. Read More

  • Tara Deering- Hansen, ‘99
    Tara Deering-Hansen ’99

    Falling in love with journalism was not what Tara Deering-Hansen had in mind when she started college. In fact, her first semester at Iowa State… Read More

  • Ashley Schlag, '07
    Ashley Schlag ’07

    Graduating from Iowa State in 2007, Ashley Schlag has lived on the East Coast for almost a decade – and continues to love every minute. Read More

  • Chris Peters, '06
    Chris Peters ’06

    Chris Peters, ’06 journalism and mass communication graduate It’s Chris Peters’ job to know goons. And grinders. And floppers. And iron crosses. Peters, an ’06… Read More