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Amber Mulle ’12

Author: perkinsk | Image: perkinsk

Amber Mulle, ‘12
Amber Mulle, ‘12 journalism and mass communication graduate.

Leave it to late professor Barbara Mack to encourage yet another student to pursue a Greenlee major.

When Amber Mulle first began at Iowa State, she was studying graphic design. After she realized it wasn’t for her, she decided to take some journalism classes, since she enjoyed writing. It wasn’t long before Mack’s influence helped Mulle make the switch.

When Mulle graduated in 2012, she knew she wanted to be in the creative marketing field, but was unsure where to go. Mulle returned home to Chicago where she held internships with Two x Four and Monika Dixon PR, but could not quite find her niche.

In May 2014, Mulle moved to Minneapolis, where she began her career as a social media strategist for Sigma Beauty.

While at Sigma Beauty, Mulle spent her time creating and planning social media content and events. For example, each month, a famous YouTuber or blogger would come to meet fans at the Mall of America, and Mulle planned these events from start to finish and broadcast them on social media.

Mulle recalls one of her biggest accomplishments was growing Sigma Beauty’s Instagram following to over 1 million.

“If you’re not learning, you’ve got to move on,” Mulle said.

With that as her inspiration, Mulle began a position as a marketing communications planner for General Mills in July 2015. Mulle now serves as the social media voice for Nature Valley and Fiber One, planning photos and copy to advertise the products on Facebook and Twitter.