Category: Schwartz Award Winners

2010: David Kurns

David Kurns (1982) director of business development for Meredith Corporation, helped build a profitable online enterprise for Meredith. He has created content across media platforms and digital marketing programs for national clients.

2009: Christine Romans

Christine Romans is a financial journalist for CNN, the Cable News Network. Romans graduated from the Greenlee School in 1993 and was the editor of the Iowa State Daily.

2008: Everett M. Rogers

Everett M. Rogers is internationally known as the scholar who published the “Diffusion of Innovations”, which examines the process by which people adopt new ideas or products.

2007: Richard Doak

Richard Doak held many positions throughout a distinguished career at The Des Moines Register, including editor of the editorial pages, business editor, and news beats that included the Iowa Legislature, education, and city government.

2006: Patricia Dean

Patricia Dean (1968) is the Associate Director of the School of Journalism, Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California.

2005: Wayne P. Davis

Wayne P. Davis (1988) was a weekly newspaper publisher at The Seymour Herald in southern Iowa for more than 30 years before joining the Iowa State Center public relations staff, where he became an assistant director, responsible for marketing, public relations and sales. For ten years following his master’s degree, Davis was on the faculty of Iowa State’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.

2004: Karol Nickell

Karol DeWulf Nickell (1979) began her publishing career at Better Homes and Gardens and later became the founding editor-in-chief of several Meredith Corporation magazines

2003: Bill Monroe

Bill Monroe (1969) worked as publisher of the Spencer Daily Reporter and editor of the Cedar Valley Daily Times in Vinton, Iowa before becoming the executive director of the Iowa Newspaper Association in 1982.

2002: James E. Grunig

James Grunig (1964) is leading scholar and researcher of communications and behavior at the University of Maryland. He developed a situational theory that accounts for why people communicate, when they are most likely to communicate, and when communications are likely to have an impact.

2001: Louis M. Thompson, Jr.

Louis M. Thompson, Jr. (1961, 1969) is a nationally recognized expert in corporate disclosure and governance and a long-time advocate of the investor relations officer’s role with corporate boards of directors.