Category: Schwartz Award Winners

1998: Merrill Oster

Merrill Oster (1974) is an international business journalist and publishing entrepreneur. He founded several companies in the futures industry, including FutureSource, Professional Farmers of America, and Commodity Price Charts.

1997: Ann K. Cooper

Ann Cooper (1971) reported for several newspapers and magazines before joining National Public Radio (NPR). Cooper was NPR’s first Moscow bureau chief, where she covered the final years of Soviet communism. Afterward, she was bureau chief in Johannesburg, and later covered the United Nations for NPR.

1996: James F. Evans

James Evans (1954), considered a leader in agricultural communications, began his career as the associate farm director for WBAY radio and television in Green Bay. In the early 1960s, he began heading the teaching and research in the Agricultural Communications Department at the University of Illinois.

1995: Ralph W. Anderson

Ralph W. Anderson (1933) grew up in northern Iowa and learned the weekly newspaper business from his father, publisher of the Ringsted Dispatch. Anderson’s career included editor and publisher duties in Grundy Center and at the Farm Bureau Spokesman.

1993: John D. (Jack) Shelley

Jack Shelley is a pioneer of broadcast journalism. During World War II, he covered the Battle of the Bulge and the surrender of the Japanese on the battleship Missouri for WHO Radio in Des Moines.

1992: John Madson

John Madson (1951) is considered the father of the modern prairie restoration movement. He wrote about the natural history and resource conservation of rivers, prairies, plains, and deserts.

1991: Geneva Overholser

Geneva Overholser began reporting at the Colorado Springs Sun before freelancing from Africa and Europe for five years. She then joined the editorial page of the Des Moines Register, moved to The New York Times editorial staff, and returned to Des Moines as editor of the Register in 1988.

1990: Donald L. Arends

Don Arends (1952) worked as an advertising writer, advertising coordinator and corporate communications director before founding his own marketing firm in 1958. Arends, Inc. is based near Chicago and serves local, regional, national and multi-national corporate clients.