Alumni Profiles

  • Zach Johnson '09
    Zach Johnson ’09

    **Class:** 2009, Journalism & Mass Communication **Then:** *Ethos magazine* (co-editor and writer); *Trend* (editor-in-chief); Delta Upsilon; Dance Marathon; TelSTAR; Meredith Apprentice; VEISHEA; *Iowa State Daily*… Read More

  • Emma Reed '10
    Emma Reed ’10

    Emma Reed ’10 Class: 2010, Journalism & Mass Communication Then: Alpha Sigma Kappa; Iowa State Cyclone Aide; *Iowa State Daily* (writer; video production crew member)… Read More

  • Tyler Kingkade '11
    Tyler Kingkade ’11

    Tyler Kingkade ’11 Class: 2011, Journalism & Mass Communication Then: *Ethos magazine* (editor-in-chief and writer/web designer); *Iowa State Daily* (reporter and photographer); ISUtv (guest host);… Read More

  • Carrie Boyd '09
    Carrie Boyd ’09

    Carrie Boyd ’09 Class: 2009, Journalism and Mass Communications; Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management Then: *Ethos magazine* (editor-in-chief and writer); *Iowa State Daily* (reporter); VEISHEA… Read More

  • Danielle (Gibbons) West ’11

    Danielle (Gibbons) West ’11 Class: 2011, Journalism & Mass Communication Then: *Iowa State Daily* (PR manager and reporter); PRSSA (president and PR director); Athletics Department… Read More

  • Chris Conetzkey '09
    Chris Conetzkey ’09

    Chris Conetzkey ’09 Class: 2009, Journalism & Mass Communication Then: *Iowa State Daily* (sports reporter, sports editor, editor-in-chief) Now: Editor, [Des Moines Business Record]( In… Read More

  • Kim (Claussen) McDonough '02
    Kim (Claussen) McDonough ’02

    Class: 2002, Journalism & Mass Communication; 2004, Masters of Journalism and Mass Communication Then: *Iowa State Daily* (reporter); ISUtv (producer, crew member, PR director, programming… Read More

  • Emily Caropreso '05
    Emily (Oliver) Caropreso ’05

    Emily Caropreso ’05 Class: 2005, Journalism & Mass Communication Then: PRSSA (member and president); Meredith Apprentice; *Iowa State Daily* (senior reporter); First Amendment Day; Greenlee… Read More

  • Addison Bratvold '11
    Addison (Speck) Bratvold ’11

    Addison Bratvold ’11 Class: 2011, Journalism & Mass Communication; Speech Communication Then: ISU Broadcast Club (president); ISUtv (promotions chair); KCCI (intern & part-time reporter); Iowa… Read More