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Associate Professor Emeritus Giles Fowler dies

Giles Fowler, who taught at the Greenlee School from 1982-2002, died Nov. 3. A funeral will be held Saturday, Jan. 5 at 2 p.m. in Ames. It will be followed by a reception with refreshments at the church. There will also be a drinks and appetizer gathering the night before. See obituary for more details.

CATEGORIES: Obituaries

Mia Guion

Mia Guion, a spring 2017 advertising graduate of the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication, died June 8, 2018. Mia tragically lost her life in an automobile accident that occurred near Geneseo, Illinois, on Interstate-80. Guion, a resident of Chicago (formerly of Racine), was born November 13, 1994. She was a promising young professional who … Continue reading Mia Guion

Don Nickerson

Don Nickerson, the first African-American man to serve as U.S. attorney in Iowa, passed away Sept. 10. Nickerson was born on Aug. 24, 2951, on a 15-acre farm near Wilmington, Delaware. Nickerson’s education brought him to Iowa State University, where he graduated in 1974 with degrees in journalism and sociology. After graduating, Nickerson stayed in … Continue reading Don Nickerson