Harry Heath/Lou Thompson Jr. Advising Award Winners

  • Jan Lauren Boyles
    2017: Jan Lauren Boyles

    “She meets with us to see not only how we are doing in her class, but across the board as well. I was stressed about not getting an internship this summer…she gave me contacts and guidance on what to do next, which was so helpful during that overwhelming time.” Read More

  • Jeff Ames
    2016: Jeff Ames

    "Jeff has been a mentor to me from the moment I first walked through the doors of Greenlee. As a professor and advisor that likes to converse face-to-face, Jeff has gotten to know who I am as a person and as an aspiring journalist." Read More

  • Erin Wilgenbusch
    2015: Erin Wilgenbusch

    "Erin is ALWAYS accessible for her students and has been an encouraging, positive source of help for me during my time at the Greenlee School. Every time I've gone into her office to talk to her, she is prepared to do whatever she can to get me on the track to academic success." Read More

  • Denny Chamberlin
    2013: Dennis Chamberlin

    "While I’ve been a student at the Greenlee School, no other faculty member has played as integral a role in my life as Dennis Chamberlin." Read More

  • Raluca Cozma
    2012: Raluca Cozma

    "Easily, of the multiple (and fantastic) faculty members in the Greenlee School, none have been as instrumental in my academic career as Raluca Cozma. If there is a practical mentor in the Greenlee School, I can think of none better." Read More

  • Lauren Monahan
    2009: Lauren Monahan

    "Lauren Monahan reflects enthusiasm, drive, and a passion for her students' success that allows her advisees to dream of their potential. Without Lauren's help, I would not be able to have had the determination to complete my goals or to realize my strengths." Read More

  • Eric Abbott
    2008: Eric Abbott

    "Looking back my stay in the United States, Iowa State and the Greenlee School will be incomplete without his exemplar support. " Read More

  • David Bulla
    2007: David Bulla

    "He truly has an open door policy and it seems that no matter how busy he is he will always take the time to talk with me about questions or concerns that I may have." Read More