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2012: Raluca Cozma

Author: perkinsk | Image: perkinsk

Raluca Cozma*Excerpts from Cozma’s nominations:*

Raluca has been a great professor and adviser during my time at Iowa State. She has strived to always be available to her students and genuinely cares about us. She is a valuable source of information about broadcasting, and has greatly improved Iowa State’s program in her short time here. I know that without her help and guidance, myself and many of my peers would not have the opportunities and knowledge that we do. I truly believe Raluca has changed my life. She is a great mentor and role model. Along with her extensive knowledge, she truly cares about each one of her students. I know I wouldn’t excel in my studies without the guidance of Professor Cozma.

Raluca Cozma has been one of my favorite professors at Iowa State. While she’s one of the best in the field of multimedia journalism and production, she cares about her students success and her hands on help has made me better prepared for the challenging world of journalism. Every time I had a question in or out of class, she has always been willing to provide an answer or point me in the right direction. She’s an incredible resource for any sort of TV or radio question.

Easily, of the multiple (and fantastic) faculty members in the Greenlee School, none have been as instrumental in my academic career as Raluca Cozma. If there is a practical mentor in the Greenlee School, I can think of none better.