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2016: Jeff Ames

Author: perkinsk

Jeff AmesLecturer Jeff Ames was selected by the Greenlee School’s Student Advisory Board as the 2016 Harry Heath/Lou Thompson, Jr. Advising Award. Ames has been a lecturer at the Greenlee School since 2008 and advises 43 Greenlee majors. He teaches undergraduate courses in writing, video production and broadcasting. The award is based on nominations from faculty members’ advisees and Ames’s students all vouched for Jeff’s personalized and sincere brand of advising.

*Excerpts from Ames’s nominations:*

Jeff has been a mentor to me from the moment I first walked through the doors of Greenlee. As a professor and advisor that likes to converse face-to-face, Jeff has gotten to know who I am as a person and as an aspiring journalist. Jeff always finds time to speak with me about the work that I have done with Greenlee, and he often makes an effort to compliment me on a job well-done.

Jeff Ames is by far the best professor and adviser I have had at Iowa State University. He understands the field of broadcasting and is able to help his students learn real life skills. Jeff has been my adviser for the past two years. In these two years, I have received two internships, improved my editing skills, and the proper techniques on how to shoot. Whenever I see Jeff in Hamilton, he stops to talk to me even if he doesn’t have the time. He also has squeezed me in between appointments when I desperately needed to talk to him. He has encouraged me to take chances and go after my dreams in the broadcasting field.

Jeff Ames embodies everything it means to be an adviser. His door is always open, if you email him, he gets back to you that day, if you call, he answers, if you stop by unannounced, he always makes you feel welcome. When I first started at ISU my previous adviser had my entire school plan messed up, but Jeff jumped right in and got me on track. It was looking like I might have had to spend another year or two at ISU, but Jeff fixed it and I will graduate next semester! Jeff always takes time to look at my work, whether in class, or not. I work at a TV station, and sometimes I like to have him take a critical eye to the work I have done and he always takes a look and gives me advice on how to make it better. Because of his time and effort, I have improved a thousand times over from what I started with. Lastly, and arguably most importantly, Jeff is the reason I am still in college. I was a transfer student, and I came from a town where not many believed in me. My high school counselor recommended that I not even bother with college. When I came to ISU I quickly felt like I was just a number. It seemed as though everyone was better, and smarter than me, and I soon became quite depressed. Then I met Jeff. He saw a light in me, and became determined to pull it out for all to see. He gave me constructive criticism, but also made sure that I knew I also had a lot to offer, which was a huge confidence boost. Because of Jeff, I am still in college, I applied for a job at my local TV station (and got it!) and I have had several job offers for when I am done with school. My life could have really taken a turn for the worse if it wasn’t for Jeff. I consider him, my teacher, adviser, mentor, and even a friend. I know I will always turn to him for advice and insight, no matter where my life takes me.