• Dan Davenport, ‘84
    Dan Davenport ’84

    Dan Davenport, ‘84 agricultural journalism graduate. Dan Davenport bikes through midtown Manhattan to get to work. A crush of creativity, passion and desperation, that ride… Read More

  • Tara Deering- Hansen, ‘99
    Tara Deering-Hansen ’99

    Falling in love with journalism was not what Tara Deering-Hansen had in mind when she started college. In fact, her first semester at Iowa State… Read More

  • Joseph Elstner '66
    Joseph Elstner ’66

    Joseph Elstner ’66 Class: 1966; Technical Journalism Then: TKE (member); *Iowa State Daily* (sports editor); *Ethos magazine* (staff writer) Now: Retired from Economic Education and… Read More

  • Aimee Malone ‘13
    Aimee Malone ’13

    Aimee Malone ‘13 Aimee Malone’s pet peeve has always been when people use the wrong words and punctuation—a sign that she was destined to be… Read More

  • Kaleb Warnock ‘12
    Kaleb Warnock ’12

    Kaleb Warnock ‘12 Amid the clamor of his favorite cafe in Vienna (where the Internet and views are grand), Kaleb Warnock shared the story of… Read More