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Niche Magazines Debut on Campus

Author: perkinsk

Two new student magazines hope to revive conversations about health and politics – topics that can often be contentious, as well as pushed to the wayside, for college students.

Kaili Meyer, junior in journalism and mass communication, is the editor-in-chief of Happy Strong Healthy, a magazine focused on mental and physical well-being. The publication will cover a spectrum of topics, including students’ stories of mental and physical issues and how to live healthier lives, in general.

“Everything revolves around health,” Meyer said. “If you’re not mentally well, you’re not going to be physically well. They go hand in hand. I hope readers learn from the struggles of others and apply that knowledge to their own lives.”

Meyer said starting a new publication is much like starting a business, but she is confident her passionate team will help students “be excited to be alive” after reading her magazine.

Lissandra Villa, senior in journalism and mass communication, is the editor-in-chief of Veritas, a magazine that Villa hopes will serve as a resource for students interested in law and politics. This year’s content will mainly focus on the 2016 presidential election.

Even if readers do not have a direct interest in politics, Villa hopes her publication allows them to at least be informed about the world around them.

“Law and politics will touch everyone’s lives at some point,” Villa said. “You can’t just run away from it. Instead, you must learn to pay attention to the world around you and make sense of it.”

Calling Veritas her “experiment,” Villa hopes her team can play the roles of journalist, interpreter and teacher when discussing the importance of law and politics with their readers.