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Alumni & Friends Group Working to Spread Presence

Author: perkinsk

After 10 years of connecting Greenlee alumni digitally and in Iowa, the school’s Alumni and Friends Group is working to strengthen its presence nationally.

The group works as a networking tool for Greenlee alumni and friends of the school and has a leadership board based in Des Moines. Their latest plan of action involves coordinating with alumni in other major U.S. cities with sizable populations of Greenlee graduates.

“We are excited to begin expanding Greenlee Alumni & Friends regionally,” said Emily Caropreso, chair of the Greenlee Alumni and Friends group. “Through our We Are Greenlee online community and face-to-face events, we are helping alumni stay connected to Greenlee no matter where they are located.”

The group has already identified alumni in New York City and Phoenix who are interested in coordinating events for Greenlee graduates and are continuing their search for alumni in other major media markets.

Carrie Boyd is a 2009 Greenlee graduate living in Des Moines, where she works as an associate food editor at the Meredith Corporation. Boyd has served on the Greenlee Alumni and Friends board since July 2013 and currently serves as vice chair.

“I can vouch for the amazing opportunities Greenlee Alumni and Friends has given me to reconnect with old classmates, meet and network with alumni and feel more connected to Greenlee and Iowa State since I graduated,” Boyd says.

If you would like to get involved with the New York or Phoenix chapters, contact [Teresa Krug]( or [Nikki Kerns]( are interested in coordinating Alumni and Friends events in your region, please contact [Emily Caropreso](