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It’s Always Time for a Refresher in Advertising

Author: perkinsk

Once a semester, I have an opportunity to do a guest lecture at the Greenlee School of Journalism at Iowa State. I talk with Professor Su Jung Kim’s research methods class about how Meyocks uses research and analytics in our clients’ marketing communications programs.

After the obligatory explanation of how to pronounce the agency’s name, I show some work with which the students might be familiar (e.g., #cyclONEnation). I then share specific examples of how Meyocks uses research and analytics for insight, content and measurement.

I’ve been doing this for several years now, and I’ll confess to recycling some examples from semester to semester. But I do try to update the presentation in some way – and the new illustrations are always a strong reminder of how advertising (and public relations) have changed in a very short time. For every conventional example of quantitative positioning research or editorial analysis, there’s often a new measure of brand strength or campaign ROI that illustrates the change.

Of course, I don’t go back to Greenlee just to share my perspectives. I go back to learn as well. I love hearing what Professor Kim is researching – and how the students’ social media habits are shifting. I figure it’s always time for a refresher in advertising.

**That’s why I’m so excited about the inaugural Greenlee Summit scheduled for April 6 in Ames.** The Summit is a daylong event designed to address the extraordinary changes occurring in the fields of journalism, advertising and public relations. With leading voices from The New York Times, Facebook, the Greenlee School and more, it promises to be a compelling, interdisciplinary gathering, bringing together industry leaders and practitioners with the latest academic research.

I’ll be there. I’m encouraging members of the Meyocks team to be there. And I encourage you to take advantage of this dynamic sharing and learning opportunity as well. It’s always time for a good refresher.

Advertising and other current media trends will be the focus of the Greenlee Summit on Friday, April 6, 2018. Please consider registering for this interactive event:

*Doug Jeske is president and owner of the Meyocks advertising agency in West Des Moines, Iowa. He serves as a member of the advisory council for the Greenlee School of Journalism and continually works to #raisethestandard of his tailgate playlist for Cyclone football games at Jack Trice Stadium.*