Kelli Brown


Kelli Brown, Content Strategy Analyst for the Des Moines Register and USA Today, has been in the industry since 2002 and the Register since 2005. She’s worked in a variety of roles - graphic artist and reporter, design team leader, digital operations director and director of audience and multimedia. In her current role, works with editors in Des Moines and 7 Gannett other newsrooms to help focus digital content strategy growth for the future. Tools include use of metrics, training, restructuring of beats and topic coverage and innovation. Kelli is a 2002 graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism and Johnston High School in Iowa. What is the greatest challenge in today’s digital landscape? The greatest journalist challenge currently is capturing and engaging with audiences that are highly distracted, incredibly busy and unsure about the shifting media landscape. What is the greatest opportunity in today’s digital landscape? Our huge opportunity right now is that our audiences are demanding that we rethink our industry today; we’re empowered to find new ways to connect and create meaningful journalism. What should students graduating from the Greenlee School know about today’s digital landscape? Graduating students must know that outside of the principles of accuracy, fairness and telling good stories, journalists must absolutely challenge the notion of every traditional approach to journalism.