Greenlee Glimpse

  • Adam Bormann ‘96
    Adam Bormann ‘96

    Working in the gaming industry may not be the most common career path for a Greenlee School graduate, but Adam Bormann has been able to… Read More

  • Paul Kluding ‘95
    Paul Kluding ‘95

    Paul Kluding lives 30 minutes away from the beach. His office is 20 minutes away. While Iowans are sledding, Kluding goes surfing while Iowans go… Read More

  • Rick Montgomery ‘82
    Rick Montgomery ‘82

    As you enter the Kansas City Star’s newsroom, take a right past the Octagon of Knowledge, (employees call it the “Ook,”) and through a maze… Read More

  • Carol Corning Hallquist ‘78
    Carol Corning Hallquist ‘78

    h“What would it take to feed every hungry child in Kansas City?” That’s the question Carol Hallquist and her team posed to Harvesters, a charitable… Read More